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Whiplash Biomechanics – Whiplash Symptoms

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Whiplash Symptoms and Risk Factors

There are a number of factors that increase the risk of injury during a rear-end collision. This video explores some of those factors. Please upgrade your browser

Myths about low speed whiplash injuries

Can Accident Reconstructionists Accurately Predict G Forces in Whiplash? Rear-end automobile collisions are a very complex issue, and determining the actual amount of force in a collision is nearly impossible. This video shows why determining crash forces is so hard. Please upgrade your browser

NHTSA on Low Impact Collisions

“Additionally, unlike other spinal injuries, whiplash has no linear relationship to crash severity. Low speed crashes may nevertheless result in whiplash. Many low speed rear end collisions resulting in whiplash are never reported to the police, because of little physical damage to the actual vehicles and lack of immediate injury symptoms.” DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION National […]

Whiplash Biomechanics – Occupant Motion

This video describes the basic occupant motion that occurs during a rear-end collision. Please upgrade your browser

Vehicle Damage Not Related to Occupant Risk of Injury

Does Vehicle Damage Correlate to Injury Risk? It’s a common misconception that the amount of vehicle damage is related to the amount of occupant injury. This video shows why this is not true. Please upgrade your browser

Recovering from Auto Injuries

During a rear end collision, a tremendous strain is placed on the joints of the spine. These strains can result in ligament and disc injury and chronic pain. In this video, we show what happens to your neck during a crash, and how chiropractic can help you recover.